Dear HCP and Partner,

One of the global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is and will be a new way of life, where our personal, communal and global immunity cannot be over emphasized.

We must remember that vaccination remains one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases, after clean water.

Routine Immunization and other private vaccination services are more important at this time than ever because our healthcare facilities and workers are already overwhelmed by the ongoing pandemic. We cannot afford to further transfer the load of another outbreak like measles, cholera etc (that are vaccine preventable) to our already overburdened systems at this time. Because of vaccines the eradication of Smallpox has been made possible and Polio is almost close to being eliminated.

We must encourage our patients, infants, children, teenage and adults to prioritise their immunisation, while keeping safe.
We must remind our patients that the best time to get vaccinated is NOW!!!